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And the dancers, working fairly constantly at warp speed, executed outstandingly. I particularly appreciated the solo efforts by the sprightly McEwen.               -Critical Dance

Mina (McEwen) adeptly showed her classical technique, her emotive capabilities, and performs the less classical choreography, proving to the audience that she is a professional dancers because she can do it all, and do it well.                     -Syracuse University 

Static Space is an athletic duet danced by Ms. McEwen and Jace Coronado. Both dancers are compelling — Coronado for his earthiness and McEwen for the apparent ease with which she combines robust power with ballerina grace and unpredictable patterns.       -Wet Paint

The ballet winds up with the traditional pas de deux of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Nutcracker Prince, superbly danced by Morgan McEwen and James A. Pierce III.                             -Syracuse Post Standard


If Ms. McEwen, a former dancer with BalletMet Columbus, doesn’t yet have a distinctive voice, she seems on her way to developing one, equipped with essential tools: an eye for shaping the arc of a dance as carefully as the transitions and details within it.                              -The New York Times

The McEwen- choreographed work - "Concordant", "Eight Pebbles", and "Romp"- stayed true to classical roots while smoothly blending contemporary form -The Examiner



"Morgan is a phenomenal teacher.  She has a special way of striking the perfect balance that dancers respond to.  She is very demanding and holds high expectations, she pushes... yet her warmth and kindness shine through.  Her students are sweating, breathing heavily, AND smiling! What more can you ask for?  She is also very clear in communicating fundamentals including technique and musicality.  Additionally, she herself, is a beautiful dancer... providing visual inspiration in the classroom. "                         -Lisa Rumbauskas, Co-Director Moving Youth Dance Company